It’s Not Any Old Desk

It’s almost done!! A new top has been placed; knobs are on the drawers; and it has been cleaned up. All that’s left is touch ups. So, you ask, what’s the big deal? Why’s it so special? I’ll tell you why–it belonged to my father.

Dad was proud of the office he had at home. After he couldn’t go to his store any more because of health reasons, he continued doing what he had always done–take care of the “books,” as he called them. He did the payroll (it was he and my brother), paid the bills, and kept track of everything. And he did it at that desk.

The desk was almost destroyed during a move and my nephew rescued it, and gave it to me. My husband has since gotten it in shape and I’ve set it up to use for my writing.

I think Dad would be pleased that I have his desk. I know that I’ll feel his presence next to me– and that he’ll be encouraging me to keep writing.


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