How I Stay Encouraged



Patience has never been one of my strengths. But that changed (sort of) when I decided to take on the challenge of writing. the first step was to submit my finished work–and then wait, wait, and wait some more for a response. So, I decided that the process wouldn’t work for me and I’d take on self-publishing. The results of that were much quicker (sort of). Then came the task of promoting my books. And being creative in doing so. And conquering social media. And . . .

While thinking of how to do something different after contacting book stores, gift shops, book clubs, etc., it dawned on me that “local authors” are pretty popular. So, with the help of the manager at my neighborhood Hallmark store, I became an approved vendor. When I stop in to check on my book, I am proud to see it displayed.

So what is the point of this? Finding ways to promote is key for an indie author to be successful. In turn, it keeps me motivated to keep writing and pursuing my dreams. Isn’t that why we really write?




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