Last Wednesday morning my husband and I traveled to Chicago and came home Friday night. It was a short trip but a wonderful three days spent with Paula and Uncle Nate, two of the kindest, warmest people I have ever known.

My uncle has always been special in my life. My father’s older brother, he gave me my first Dr. Seuss book (“The Cat in the Hat”) and a doll that was introduced before Barbie came out. And I can’t forget my first suitcase–a gift from him when I graduated from high school. I received letters over the years that were special to me; a very talented artist, Uncle Nate gave us two landscapes that hang in our dining area.

So, the three days were spent hearing stories about my Dad, art, Paula’s life, and experiences both had. We went to a fantastic play (actually our first one) and had pleasant meal times. Those three days will be with me forever. I hope you have experiences like mine.


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