It Started With An Idea

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That’s right. I never had a plan to write a book. My first “official” piece of writing was an assignment in fourth grade–“My Dream House.” I remember loving the story. However, it has been about 60 years (oh, my!!) and the only part of the essay I remember was the butterfly table. If you have read my novel, “When Shadows Linger,” you’ll know what I’m talking about. I “designed” a kitchen table made of two pieces of glass–with real butterflies in between the glass. And then in ninth grade I wrote a poem that a teacher liked so much that he wrote music for it.

So, when I decided that I wanted to do some writing, I signed up for on-line writing classes with the University of Wisconsin. It wasn’t difficult for me because I had gone to school later in life (at the age of 40) and became a social worker six years later. I really enjoyed studying and learning new things.

As I gained confidence with my writing, I submitted an article to a social work magazine about going to school later in life. The editor was kind enough to let me do a series of articles geared to the nontraditional student. I also submitted an article to Extra Innings, a newsletter by the U of Wisconsin in Madison. I am now a regular contributor to the newsletter.

This is how my “idea” of becoming a writer took shape. In my next post, I’ll tell you about my first completed book.

Take care.






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