My Journey As An Author


I don’t think that my “writing journey” is much different from yours’. I didn’t have a life-long dream of writing a novel. It’s really just something that happened–like deciding to go to school on a whim when I was 40 and six years later I had a Master’s Degree in Social Work. But anyway, after taking online classes through the University of Wisconsin, I wrote a few things. I’ve had two short stories accepted by Edify Fiction, and I’ve self-published two novelettes and a novel. I’m also a regular contributor to Extra Innings, a newsletter for the University of Wisconsin-Madison; and I am the “Social Media Specialist” for Edify Fiction. I’m going to write a series on this blog to tell you about the various steps of my journey. So, follow me on here for tips and the challenges I’ve encountered with my writing, self-publishing, copyrighting and promoting. I’d love to hear about your writing journey, too.

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