A New Year

In a few hours 2018 will come to an end. It has been a mixture of emotions for me, as for many. My husband and I traveled to Connecticut and Boston. And a trip that will always be special in my heart was to Chicago in September to visit my uncle. The time spent with him and Paula was special but turned out to be bittersweet, as my uncle passed away in October. I will always treasure the special times of the visit. His death leaves an emptiness in my life.

My oldest granddaughter graduated from high school in June and in November she completed the EMS program, ready to go on to paramedic classes–following in her dad’s footsteps. I am finishing 2018 feeling good about my writing.

I have finished writing the first half of my novel–the sequel to “When Shadows Linger.” The promotions have gone very well. With the support of a wonderful manager at the local Hallmark store, as a vendor I have had some book signings and sold several copies of the novel. It’s definitely a feeling of accomplishment and success!! And I have improved my social media skills–another accomplishment. Disappointments? Of course I’ve had some–who hasn’t? But I just keep on pushing myself and focusing on the accomplishments.

So, here’s to another year–I hope it is a Happy and Healthy one for everyone. And may we all accomplish whatever we set out to do.





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