Summer Is Here

gradIt might not be official, but it doesn’t have to be for summer to have arrived in Florida. It’s true. It was 108 degrees in my car the other day; it has been raining for the past I don’t know how many days in a row; and it’s humid. But I’m not going to complain for several reasons: 1) nobody listens to me; 2) I can’t do anything about it; and 3) we did have several nice days during the winter and spring this year. So, as the young people say, it is what it is.

In a recent post I wrote about my granddaughter attending her senior prom. Last Saturday was graduation day and it was probably the nicest  one I have ever attended, including my own. Unlike many other people, I actually enjoy graduations. It’s fun to hear about the accomplishments of the young people and to be surrounded by their excitement. With their whole lives in front of them, they are full of hope and dreams. Her dream is to be a firefighter paramedic like her dad. (At least that’s what she put on her graduation cap!) I don’t want to forget to mention the families–parents who shed tears because their “baby” is no longer a baby. Their faces are etched with a combination of happiness and worry.

On Tuesday, we attended another graduation. The youngest sister graduated from fifth grade, another milestone. Next year will be middle school. As she got up in front of an auditorium filled with families and graduates, and read an essay that she wrote, I was not only proud of her accomplishments, but I also admired the fact that she got up in front of so many people.

So, although the summer brings rain, heat, and humidity, it also brings the end of the school year, and new beginnings and dreams for the future.



1 thought on “Summer Is Here”

  1. I love your reasons for not complaining! And also the way you look at summer. Yes, it brings it’s challenges, but it also brings hope for a bright new future. There is something so special about graduation, isn’t there?


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