White roses are symbolic of a new beginning or of a farewell. Purple is symbolic of royalty and lavender is femininity. So what does all of this mean? The picture that you see is a corsage that my oldest granddaughter will be wearing to her senior prom tonight, given to her by her grandfather. Her dress is various shades of purple and so of course, the corsage has to complement it, which it does; more important are what the flowers and colors symbolize. While she is bidding farewell to her high school years, she is also saying goodbye to her childhood. And at the same time, she is welcoming a new beginning and getting ready for her future. When she chose the dress, of course the colors were chosen because she liked them, not because she thought that she is royalty. But she is. Eighteen years ago she lit up the family for the first time, and has continued to bring us joy all along. A person doesn’t have to be born into a royal family to possess royal qualities . And Michelle has those qualities–she is kind, caring, and determined in knowing what she wants in life. From the time that she was born, she has been a typical little girl–feminine in all ways. As a teenager, she learned how to perfect her hair and her make up. Tonight, when she puts on her special dress, high heels, and corsage, she will look like the “royal” person that she has always been.


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