“The Primrose Garden” is the story of the hurdles encountered by siblings as they try to keep their family together after the sudden deaths of their parents. When it is determined a year later that their parents did not die in an accident, the reader accompanies the siblings as they each struggle with the fact that their parents were murdered. “The Primrose Garden” is about family, loss, substance abuse, suicide prevention, and love. A mystery romance, it is sure to hold the interest of readers who enjoy both genres. 

For each book that I sell during the month of December, I’ll donate $2.00 to St. Jude Research Hospital. It is a wonderful organization that does so much for children and families–you can do your part by buying a book. Along with feeling good about making a donation, you’ll have a “great” book to read, too.

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Please check out my books on Amazon as you start your holiday shopping. As a semi-retired clinical social worker, my books are written to provide hope and inspiration, along with a good story. The full-length novels, “When Shadows Linger” and “The Primrose Garden” (the sequel) are set in beautiful New England and, with vivid descriptions of the holidays, will warm your heart. All four of my books are available in both e-book and paperback formats.

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When I retired as a school social worker four and a half years ago, I took some on-line writing classes with the University of Wisconsin. I decided that with my clinical background, I’d write stories of hope and inspiration, along with providing a good story for my readers. My first novelette, “Envelopes of Hope,” was inspired by a family member who had struggled for years with a drug problem. Finally entering rehab, she wrote a letter thanking me for not giving up on her. The story is about a young girl who, with the support of her family, finds her way out of the darkness of the world she had fallen victim to. The story is meant to give hope and inspiration to those who have substance abuse issues and to their families who support them.

“When Shadows Linger” and “The Primrose Garden” (the sequel) are both full-length novels. The main characters are social worker/therapists who deal with family issues, substance abuse, suicide, depression, and other mental health concerns.

“My Name is Rebecca: A Novelette” (historical fiction) is a story dedicated to all who have come, and are still coming, to America for a better life. It is a story of hope, family, and culture.

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Thanks to the wonderful ladies at the Zipporah Chapter of Hadassah for having me speak at their luncheon today. I enjoyed it immensely–and I hope that they enjoy reading about Rebecca!!

“When Shadows Linger” is the story of Maggie Sinclair and the emotional journey she embarks on while searching for a new life after the tragic death of her husband. Thirty-one years old, Maggie relocates to beautiful Vermont to escape the constant memories around her. It is there that she meets Ben, a psychologist in the building where she has her private therapy practice. As time goes on, Maggie’s husband appears to her in various forms, such as a soft touch on her face or as a shadow. And as her relationship with Ben intensifies, Maggie asks for signs that it is okay for her to move on. Through the therapy that she provides to her clients who are dealing with loss due to death, family issues, and adoption, Maggie also works on resolving her own grief. Available on Amazon in E-book and paperback formats.

I’ve recently discovered online book clubs and am enjoying the experience of “meeting” other readers. As I’ve shared in the past, the whole social media is new for me. I’ve struggled with using it to promote my writing–the main reason is that I didn’t grow up with it. Another reason is that I think it’s not an appropriate means of communication for children. But I’m not going to get into that. The book clubs are fun–recommendations are made back and forth; advice is sought about whether or not a boring book gets better–things like that. My main objective in seeking out clubs was to promote my books. Whether or not that happens, I’m still having a good time with the clubs. Check it out–just search book clubs on Face Book’s page.

If you were at Hallmark in Sunrise on Saturday March 23rd and bought my book, I want to thank you. I hope that you enjoy my writing, and I look forward to your thoughts. In “My Name is Rebecca: A Novelette,” I have included some stories that I heard while growing up. If you send me an email or leave a comment, I would love to share them with you.