Getting ready for the Sunrise Arts & Crafts Festival
Snow in the mountains in Vermont on November 3, 2019
Meet the Author Event 10/19/19
This photo is from July 1950. My dad holding me. I love this picture.
Primroses Painted by Sherry Babrove

Grand Bunnies
A brand new, better look
Grandma’s angel food cake pan and coffee pot (about 1915 for the coffee pot)
My dad’s desk
Uh oh–he sees the suitcases!
My first professional ad–for the Florida Writer’s Association. created by Chris Holmes
Book event at Hallmark
Burlington, VT
My first published short story
An old fashioned shoe carved by David
Bowl made by David
My Dad’s desk when I first got it.
Trees in Vermont

First book event at Hallmark.

Magnets from everywhere we have visited.
Niagara Falls a few years ago. Taken from the Canadian side.