Envelopes of Hope



“Envelopes of Hope” is my first novelette. It is the story of a young girl’s descent into the dark world of drugs. With the support of her family, she was able to leave that world behind her.

This is a very personal story for me. One of my children had a drug problem for many years. When she made up her mind to change her life, she wrote a letter to me, thanking me for not giving up on her. That became the inspiration for my first book.

“Envelopes of Hope” presents a problem that unfortunately has become an epidemic in our society. My hope with the book was, and still is, is for anyone who is involved with substance abuse (the person who is addicted or their family members) to not give up hope.

The story was not difficult to write. I think that was the case because it was meaningful to me. After finishing the book, I attempted to find an agent. But after a while, I decided to self-publish it because I wanted to have it available as an inspiration for people. Even though it has been almost two years, I am still working hard at promoting it. I will talk about that in another post.

I’ve since self-published a novel and another novelette. As I look back at the first, I realize how much my writing has improved. For one thing, I have learned to give more depth to my characters. But I will also talk about that in another post in this series.

Thanks for reading about my writing. Take care.


As an added note, the illustration was done by my artistic daughter-in-law, Sherry Babrove.