My First Novel

“When Shadows Linger” is my first novel and I am proud to say that IT IS NOW AVAILABLE on Amazon as a paperback and on kindle. It is the story of Maggie Sinclair, thirty-one years old, who is suddenly widowed when her husband dies in an accident following a winter storm in Wisconsin. Unable to move on because of the constant memories surrounding her, Maggie relocates to Vermont. It is there that she meets Ben Grayson. As their friendship becomes more serious, Maggie turns to her late husband, seeking permission to move on and find happiness. The reader accompanies Maggie on her emotional journey as she is visited by her husband on several occasions in various forms.
Maggie’s story is one that can be related to by those who have suffered any kind of loss through death, divorce or abandonment. In other words, we can all relate to Maggie’s story in some way.
I hope you will read “When Shadows Linger” and find it to be as meaningful as I meant it to be. I welcome your comments.

A Special Request


If you haven’t already read “My Joe: A Reflection” on edifyfiction, please do. It is a heart-warming short-story filled with a love and devotion that continues over generations. I would also ask you to leave a comment by clicking on the icon on the first page of the story (page 17) or on this blog. I really am anxious to read your opinion.

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Followings, Reviews, Comments . . .




These are words that take on different meanings for writers. As much as I love working on my writing, that how frustrating I find the promoting to be. I find myself looking at numbers–how many people have “clicked” on my Goodreads ad; how many people have signed up to win “Envelopes of Hope” on my giveaway; how many comments and reviews are there (in case you’re wondering–three reviews and one comment) and if anyone is reading my blog, commenting on it, or leaving a question for me to answer. And that’s all only on Goodreads!!  And then there’s twitter, this blog, facebook.

Anyway, that’s all frustration but not complaints. I love the writing and what comes with it. So, I hope you will continue following me on here and on any of the others. And don’t forget–sign up for my giveaway on if you haven’t already. It’s a wonderful site–and free. Tell your friends–they won’t be disappointed.


When Shadows Linger


“When Shadows Linger” is my first novel. Although it has been completed for awhile, I haven’t as yet had it published, but plan on doing so shortly. It is the story of a young woman whose husband dies suddenly and her attempt to move on in life. It is not just a story of loss due to death but deals with losses of various types. I’ll keep you up-to-date on when it will be available.



What I’m Reading


img_1053I just finished “Salem Falls” by Jodi Picoult, one of my favorite authors. It is the story about an innocent man who has been falsely accused twice by teenage girls for inappropriate behavior. As always, Jodi deals with societal issues of today. I can’t recommend her books enough. “Small Great Things” is definitely the best book I’ve read in years.


Success is measured in different ways. I feel successful when I write a few sentences; success to me is having someone leave a comment about my story; and success is having someone email me about an article I wrote last year. So, there are many ways to measure success because it is really personal.

My giveaway on goodreads was successful. About 671 people entered to win one of ten copies of “Envelopes of Hope.” That means that 671 people thought that, from reading about my novelette, they would like to win a copy of it.

I hope you will watch for my next giveaway on goodreads. Follow me on facebook and this blog for more news to come. Also–I hope that if you haven’t already read “My Joe: A Reflection” on edify fiction, please do so. It is a heart-warming short story filled with love and devotion. Click on issues, June issue, page 17. After you read it, if you would like to leave a comment, go back to page 17 and click on the icon.










Writing is not only a means for me to express myself, but is also a way to learn about things that I’m interested in. All of my writing involves some research, whether it is about the setting, the issues I’m writing about, or the professions of my characters. In my novelette, “Envelopes of Hope,” I write about someone who has a  substance abuse problem. “My Joe: A Reflection” is about a couple’s love that spans generations. I wanted to “show” the time span so I made sure that I included events that took place.

So, you’re probably wondering about this wooden shoe. Well, it started out as a piece of wood that my husband carved and ended up being my favorite work of his. To me the shoe represents time. The shape and design show age–it is a shoe of long ago. The lace is real leather so perhaps the person who wore the shoe was pretty well off. The markings show that the person who crafted the shoe took pride in his work. To me that represents a time when things were hand-made and with pride. Perhaps the man wore the shoes to church or to his office. Maybe he danced with his bride while wearing them. Perhaps he was even buried with them. We will never know–but we can imagine many different occasions where a man wore these shoes.

That’s what writing is–being able to use our imagination. My writing puts me in places where I would like to be. It puts me with people who I want to be with. I can be rich or I can be poor. I can be in any season I choose (it’s usually winter!) and I can be whoever I want to  be. As I continue with my writing, I hope that you will come along with me and be able to imagine yourself in places where you would like to be.