It Was Successful!!


As you can see, I enjoyed the book event. Everything had been set up by the time I arrived at the store. I had printed a flyer with some of my background information and with information about some articles and stories that I have had published. I walked around the store and introduced myself to customers, telling them about my book and handing them a flyer. In the end, I sold five novels and gave away a copy of my novelette with it. For a first event, I think it went very well. And I have to add–the staff at Hallmark was wonderful. I really appreciate their help and support.

I became a vendor by talking to the manager in my local store. He initiated the process and the company approved me. It is a nice way to promote yourself in your area–people like local authors. Good luck!!

The Big Day


Today is my first book event and I’m excited and even a little nervous. After all, will people actually “talk” to me? Will they buy my novel?

I became an approved Hallmark vendor several months ago and a couple of books have been sold. So the manager was wonderful to allow me to do an event in my local store. As with all of the marketing, it is a challenge that I hope will be successful. I will also be giving away some copies of my historical novelette so that I can “get it out there.”

Keep your fingers crossed–I”ll post this evening and tell you the results and how I became a vendor with Hallmark. And oh yes–I’ll even tell you everything that happens today.


What I’ve Been Up To

autumnSo, here I am. It’s been too long since I’ve posted but I’m ready to get back on track. To bring you up to date, here we go.

I’ve been working on the sequel to “When Shadows Linger” and it’s coming along nicely. This is my first attempt at suspense and it’s a challenge, but I think it will work out well.

As you know, “My Name is Rebecca: A Novelette”  started out as a tribute to my mother’s family and evolved into a tribute to all of those who have come to America for a better life. The book has gotten positive reviews and it is a story that I am extremely proud of. It has been donated to Jewish museums in Milwaukee and Miami Beach; it has also been donated to a museum in Racine, Wisconsin and to the Racine Public Library; and to the Lower East Side Tenement Museum in New York. So, I’ve decided to try my hand at writing a longer historical fiction book that will span several generations of immigrants who came from various cultures in the early 1900s.

If you haven’t read Rebecca and would like a free kindle edition, give me your email information and I will be happy to gift you a copy. Remember, you don’t have to have a kindle, just the app.

Take care.




How I Stay Encouraged



Patience has never been one of my strengths. But that changed (sort of) when I decided to take on the challenge of writing. the first step was to submit my finished work–and then wait, wait, and wait some more for a response. So, I decided that the process wouldn’t work for me and I’d take on self-publishing. The results of that were much quicker (sort of). Then came the task of promoting my books. And being creative in doing so. And conquering social media. And . . .

While thinking of how to do something different after contacting book stores, gift shops, book clubs, etc., it dawned on me that “local authors” are pretty popular. So, with the help of the manager at my neighborhood Hallmark store, I became an approved vendor. When I stop in to check on my book, I am proud to see it displayed.

So what is the point of this? Finding ways to promote is key for an indie author to be successful. In turn, it keeps me motivated to keep writing and pursuing my dreams. Isn’t that why we really write?





Last Wednesday morning my husband and I traveled to Chicago and came home Friday night. It was a short trip but a wonderful three days spent with Paula and Uncle Nate, two of the kindest, warmest people I have ever known.

My uncle has always been special in my life. My father’s older brother, he gave me my first Dr. Seuss book (“The Cat in the Hat”) and a doll that was introduced before Barbie came out. And I can’t forget my first suitcase–a gift from him when I graduated from high school. I received letters over the years that were special to me; a very talented artist, Uncle Nate gave us two landscapes that hang in our dining area.

So, the three days were spent hearing stories about my Dad, art, Paula’s life, and experiences both had. We went to a fantastic play (actually our first one) and had pleasant meal times. Those three days will be with me forever. I hope you have experiences like mine.


A Story that Inspires: Envelopes of Hope

“Envelopes of Hope” is the first book that I published. A novelette, it is the story of inspiration, family support, and love.

When a family member of mine decided to get her life together after many years of having a drug problem, she wrote a letter thanking me for not giving up on her. That was the inspiration for this book. With the support of a family and determination, the character in the story is able to leave the dark world of drug use and make a new life for herself.

From July 24th through July 26th, the kindle version of the book will be free on Amazon. Please read it and tell your friends. If you do, and would like a complementary bookmark, please contact me and I will send it to you.



I need your help. I’m trying to increase my following on my website/blog and Instagram. Even though I try to be a friendly, sociable person, I’m just not doing well enough with the social media aspect. So, I have an idea. If you will be kind enough to re-post this on your facebook page, Instagram, etc., I will reward you with one of my three books (you get to choose) for five new followers. Just tell your friends to let me know who shared. That will be my thank you gift to you.

So, thank you in advance for helping me. I know I can count on you. After all, I’m not friends with people who don’t like to “share.”