About Me

Hi. My name is Phyllis and I have a story to tell.

I am a semi-retired clinical social worker and live in South Florida. I moved from Wisconsin as a newlywed forty-eight years ago (Wow!! That’s a lifetime ago). I have four grown children and six grandchildren and my husband and I live with our Yorky, Lars.

At the age of forty, I decided on a whim to go to college. Six years later I had a Master’s Degree in Social Work. My jobs included child protective services for the state; investigative assessments for the county court; mental health therapist; and school social worker. I retired almost four years ago from the school system and presently work part-time for a county hospital, supervising social work interns who are going to become licensed. So, I have had, and continue to have, a wonderful social work career that I am proud of.

When I retired, I decided to write a book (as I said, I tend to do things on a whim). My first book, “Envelopes of Hope,” is a novelette that was inspired by a family member who overcame drug addiction. My novel, “When Shadows Linger,” is the story of a young widow who relocates from Wisconsin to Vermont seeking a new life. And my third is historical fiction–“My Name is Rebecca: A Novelette.” It is a story that started out as a tribute to my mother’s family who came to America in the early 1900s. As I wrote, I realized it is a tribute to all who have come, and are still coming, to America for a better life. I will address each in more detail in the Posts section.

II have recently published the sequel to “When Shadows Linger” and am in the promoting phase.

So, thank you for visiting my website. I have recently updated it and did some rearranging. Please visit often for updates on my writing and other issues I dare to discuss. And tell your friends to stop by.

Take care.