What Came Next

So, after the first couple of writing classes, it was time to get to work and write something. And I did. I discovered an online-social work magazine that was asking for submissions for their social work month issue. I was thrilled when my article was published. I asked the editor if she would be interested in having a series–about older students returning to school. So, I wrote a total of about six articles. I also wrote, and continue to write, articles for a university newsletter–I’m proud to say that I am now a regular contributor.

I wrote a couple of stories and after a trip to Vermont (my first one) I decided to start a novel. It was an interesting process and I’ll tell you why. I would sit down and the words just came to me. I found that to be exciting and really kept me motivated. I’m not saying that the book wasn’t a lot of work, because it was. But it flowed, if that makes sense. I had two people who really helped me with editing, suggestions, etc. I ended up making it longer, changing the cover and other things along the way. “When Shadows Linger” is very special to me–and always will be.

But then I tried to find an agent and publisher. The process proved to be torture for someone with little patience (which has since changed!.)  Last year I decided to self-publish it and I’ll talk about that in my next post!!



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