The Art of Promoting My Book

bookmarkmomThat’s right–I said “art” because I have found that promoting my books takes as much creativity as writing the story. In fact,  there are some days that I feel as though I have to be more creative. I’ve done business cards of all kinds; the pictures here are tiny book marks that I had made that complement the book covers. I’ve created flyers, posters, and professional e-mails to stores in various states. I’ve also placed a few ads in some local papers in Vermont to promote my novel that is set there. My Rebecca book has been donated to  two Jewish museums and to a city museum, something that I am extremely proud of.  (By the way, the picture of the little girl with the doll is my mother, “Rebecca” in 1931 when she was 4.

I’ve done several giveaways on Amazon and goodreads but have been disappointed by the lack of reviews, so I’m trying some new approaches. I guess that the bottom line is to keep trying and come up with new ideas everyday. It has been a learning experience for me because I’ve never been a patient person. Or a creative one. But I have to say, it’s a challenge that I am enjoying every day.






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