An Excerpt From “When Shadows Linger”

newshadowsThis is an excerpt from “When Shadows Linger.” The story is about Maggie, a young widow, who seeks a new life. Jason is her late husband.

Lying in bed, Maggie drifted off into a light sleep, dreaming of her wedding day. She had finished dressing and was looking at herself in the mirror. Thinking that she had applied just the right amount of make up and that her hair looked perfect, Maggie turned away. As she did so, something stopped her and she turned back. Standing next to her was Jason and she could see him clearly.

“I came to you today because it’s a special day for you and I want you to be happy, Maggie. I remember how wonderful our wedding was. It was the beginning of a wonderful life for both of us. I don’t expect you to forget our love and don’t want you to. But put our love in a special little corner of your heart and I will always be with you. Be happy with Ben. He seems to be a wonderful person and loves you very much. He’ll take care of you and make you happy for the rest of your lives. I’ll be watching over you but won’t be coming anymore. I’ll always be in that special little corner of your heart where just you and I exist.”

When she wiped away the tears and looked into the mirror, Maggie saw only her own image. Jason was no longer there. As Maggie opened her eyes, she looked around the room. The clock next to the bed said that it was ten-thirty. What a dream, she thought to herself. It was so real that she swore she could still feel Jason’s presence. Sitting up, Maggie saw something on the pillow next to hers’. She picked it up and held it in the palm of her hand. It was a sprig of pink lily of the valley. “Oh Jason,” she whispered. “You really were here.”

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