Untitled 2With Thanksgiving in two weeks, we are on a countdown to 2018. But not so fast! There are still days to celebrate in 2017. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. I wasmarried (47 years ago!) on Thanksgiving, in the middle of a blizzard in Wisconsin. Of course the holiday falls on different dates every year; but every few years we celebrate our anniversary on Thanksgiving. After that is Chanukah, which begins the night of December 12th. That, too, falls on different dates every year. Sometimes it coincides with Christmas, which always makes both holidays more fun. And of course Christmas is on the same date every year.

I like all of the holidays, whether they are observed by my religion or not. The lit candles on Chanukah are not only a part of my religion, but bring back many memories of my childhood. My father had a giant Star of David made out of wood when I was seven. Every year the bulbs were changed and it was lit for eight days. I love Christmas. I love the lights and the music and the peace surrounding it. The twinkling lights on the snow were just a part of the beauty to me. (I’ve lived in Florida for 46 years and don’t see the lights sparkling. Actually, I don’t see the snow!)

It has been a frustrating year in many ways and also a fulfilling one. On a personal level, I’ve self-published my novelette and novel; I’m progressing in my book promoting, and my writing is improving. The frustration is with the things going on in our society, such as increased drug use and the deadly violence. So with these, I hope that 2018 will be better.


























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