Halloween Memories


With Halloween a few hours away, I just want to share how Halloween used to be. We didn’t have store bought costumes that tore as soon as we put them on. My most memorable costume was my mother’s wedding gown (I was 10) and she didn’t mind that I wore it throughout the rain that fell in Burlington, Ontario that Halloween. My brother was either a hobo or a pirate–all hand made costumes.  Makeup was done by Mom and Dad. We didn’t have to take our candy through an x-ray machine because our neighbors could be trusted. Who on earth would have wanted to hurt a child? And there was the Halloween when my siblings and I all had the flu. It was in the days before plastic grocery bags; my Dad came home with the brown paper bags (one for each of us) filled with all kinds of Halloween treats.

Do you have any special memories to share? I’d love to hear them.


Photo by Sherry Babrove

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