End or Beginning?

cropped-img_1053-e14965006745141.jpgWhen I was a little girl, the time dragged slowly, except for summer vacation; then it just flew past. But now the opposite is true. It is hard to believe that 2017 is drawing to an end. With Halloween approaching in a little over two weeks, Thanksgiving and Christmas will be here before we know it. So, I ask myself: is the end of the year the end or the beginning? To me, the answer is both. It is the end of 2017 and everything that it brought to us–the good and the bad. Nationally, it has been strange and stressful. On a personal level, it has been a good year. I have grown more confident with my writing. If I had to choose my “proudest” moment as a new writer, it would be when I received the email that my story, “My Joe: A Reflection,” was going to be published in the June issue of Edify Magazine. If you haven’t read it, click on edifyfiction.com/issues and it’s on page 17 of the June issue. (But read through all of the issues. The stories and poems are wonderful). Anyway, I’ve since self-published a novelette and novel, have been learning a lot about promoting, and continue to work on my writing. So, as it comes to an end, I can say I have had a good year; and it is the beginning of a lot more of these good things to come. How has your year been?



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