New Site, Fresh Start

cropped-img_2226.jpgThere comes a time in life when a fresh start is called for and this is one of them. I have re-designed my website/blog to make it more attractive and, hopefully, to draw more readers.

Writing is to me what a piece of wood is to a wood turner. While I start with a blank screen or piece of paper, the wood turner has a piece of wood that is going to be turned into a beautiful bowl, vase, etc. It takes hours, months, and even years to write the story that has been an “idea” for a long time. But then it starts to flow and, with a lot of dedication and time, I turn it into something meaningful. At least I hope that it is meaningful.

I am using this site not only to promote my books and share what I have written, but also to connect with people who will enjoy my writing and who will share ideas with me; who will comment on what I’ve written and tell me if they were able to relate to it; people who will be interested enough to ask me why I wrote what I did. That’s my goal in having this website/blog. I hope that you will be a part of what I am trying to achieve, and that you will tell your friends about it.

By-the-way, the bowl you see was made by my husband, David. That is how he “creates” his ideas.

Take care.



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