Drug Epidemic


I remember telling my husband about 30 years ago that if the drug problem continued, it was going to be the destruction of the family system. No, I didn’t have a crystal ball that let me see into the future; I had a child that was making the wrong decisions. Since that time, the problem has multiplied I don’t know by how much. And yes, families have been destroyed. Thank goodness mine wasn’t, but many were. That’s what “Envelopes of Hope” is about–hope and family support.

The reader accompanies Amanda as she becomes more and more involved with drugs and the lifestyle that may come with it. Although months may pass, and even years, when they don’t hear from her, Amanda’s parents never give up hope that she will change her life around. And they do whatever they can to help her.

“Envelopes of Hope” is for anyone who is dealing with one of life’s difficult situations, whether it is drugs or anything else. I hope you read it, and that Amanda’s journey helps you with whatever your journey may be.

Take care.

Available on Amazon in paperback and e-book formats.

Now available on Barnes and Noble Nook/e-book.





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