My Favorite Time of Year


Fall is my favorite time of year. The temperature starts to cool down; the leaves will start to change color; and the holidays will be approaching. Oh–wait a minute! In South Florida, only the third occurs.

I’ve lived in Florida for forty-six years and am still trying to adjust. Of course, I do realize that it’s not going to happen. I miss the seasons and the cool temperatures. Like I said, I will never adjust. But I find ways to compensate. One is through my writing. Everything I write takes place in New England, or as southerners say, “up north.” I don’t miss the mid- west but I love New England, with my two favorite places being Massachusetts and Vermont. I love the fall with the leaves changing and the cold temperatures. (People laugh when I tell them I have a full winter wardrobe so that I can make my “escape” but it’s true). Last year we had a snow weekend in Boston and it was wonderful. So, writing and traveling is how I escape to where I want to be. Why doesn’t she move, you’re wondering. Well, I always said that when my husband retired we would go. And we didn’t. Then the plan was that we would go when I retired. Two years later, here we are. We don’t want to leave our children and grandchildren. But for now, it’s okay because next month we are going to Vermont and in January we’ll travel to Boston. Some would say that it’s the best of both worlds. What do I say to that??? I’ll let you guess.




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