Followings, Reviews, Comments . . .




These are words that take on different meanings for writers. As much as I love working on my writing, that how frustrating I find the promoting to be. I find myself looking at numbers–how many people have “clicked” on my Goodreads ad; how many people have signed up to win “Envelopes of Hope” on my giveaway; how many comments and reviews are there (in case you’re wondering–three reviews and one comment) and if anyone is reading my blog, commenting on it, or leaving a question for me to answer. And that’s all only on Goodreads!!  And then there’s twitter, this blog, facebook.

Anyway, that’s all frustration but not complaints. I love the writing and what comes with it. So, I hope you will continue following me on here and on any of the others. And don’t forget–sign up for my giveaway on if you haven’t already. It’s a wonderful site–and free. Tell your friends–they won’t be disappointed.


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