Success is measured in different ways. I feel successful when I write a few sentences; success to me is having someone leave a comment about my story; and success is having someone email me about an article I wrote last year. So, there are many ways to measure success because it is really personal.

My giveaway on goodreads was successful. About 671 people entered to win one of ten copies of “Envelopes of Hope.” That means that 671 people thought that, from reading about my novelette, they would like to win a copy of it.

I hope you will watch for my next giveaway on goodreads. Follow me on facebook and this blog for more news to come. Also–I hope that if you haven’t already read “My Joe: A Reflection” on edify fiction, please do so. It is a heart-warming short story filled with love and devotion. Click on issues, June issue, page 17. After you read it, if you would like to leave a comment, go back to page 17 and click on the icon.








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