Writing is not only a means for me to express myself, but is also a way to learn about things that I’m interested in. All of my writing involves some research, whether it is about the setting, the issues I’m writing about, or the professions of my characters. In my novelette, “Envelopes of Hope,” I write about someone who has a  substance abuse problem. “My Joe: A Reflection” is about a couple’s love that spans generations. I wanted to “show” the time span so I made sure that I included events that took place.

So, you’re probably wondering about this wooden shoe. Well, it started out as a piece of wood that my husband carved and ended up being my favorite work of his. To me the shoe represents time. The shape and design show age–it is a shoe of long ago. The lace is real leather so perhaps the person who wore the shoe was pretty well off. The markings show that the person who crafted the shoe took pride in his work. To me that represents a time when things were hand-made and with pride. Perhaps the man wore the shoes to church or to his office. Maybe he danced with his bride while wearing them. Perhaps he was even buried with them. We will never know–but we can imagine many different occasions where a man wore these shoes.

That’s what writing is–being able to use our imagination. My writing puts me in places where I would like to be. It puts me with people who I want to be with. I can be rich or I can be poor. I can be in any season I choose (it’s usually winter!) and I can be whoever I want to  be. As I continue with my writing, I hope that you will come along with me and be able to imagine yourself in places where you would like to be.





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