umbrellas I have never considered myself to be a creative person in the sense of arts and crafts, drawing, painting, etc. The picture you see was done by my seventeen year old granddaughter and she truly has a gift. I do know how to knit but haven’t for many years. Specialty knitting and crocheting was a gift that my mother had. What is this leading up to, you wonder?

Writing has become my passion. I start with an idea and figure out where I intend to go with it. With some of my writing, it just comes to me as I sit and write. Other times, I’m stuck and have to walk away for a while. I’ve learned about copyrights, publishing, query letters, writing a synopsis, editing, revising and revising and revising some more. There are people I rely on to not only encourage me, but to help me improve my writing.

I have published a novelette (self-published), written articles for a university newsletter and for a social work magazine, had my first short story published by a magazine and am trying to conquer the use of social media. I am not only proud of these accomplishments, but am also humbled by them. I have never been an “attention seeker” or arrogant in any way, and am not doing this for monetary purposes.  So, while I am proud of my writing and the fact that people are reading it, I am a humble person. And I have learned patience while waiting weeks or even months for a response to my submission. And I have learned that having my writing rejected doesn’t mean that it’s not a worthwhile piece. My stories are meant to carry a message to people, such as hope or a story about a life long love.

I am including a link to “Extra Innings,” a newsletter published by the University of Wisconsin. On that page, click on Issue number 86. My article is on page 15 in this issue but I would encourage you to look at the other articles. It is a wonderful publication and I am proud to be a contributor.

Take care.






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