I love fresh flowers of all types and colors. I do have my favorites–lilacs, peonies and roses. Living in Florida, I don’t get to see the first two. If they are available, they just aren’t the same as when grown in your own back yard. So, that leaves roses. The picture is from my daughter-in-law’s yard. She was very proud of that rose when it bloomed and sent the picture. After the blooming was over, it took forever to get more roses. After all, flowers can be like writing a story. The ideas are there. And the creativity is there. But sometimes putting it together is a “slow-growing” process. That’s happening to me at the moment with my second novel and a story I’ve been working on. And the social media stuff–I can’t seem to “connect” with it at all, but I’m not ready to give up on figuring it out. Not quite yet, anyway.

I have a short story being published Friday and I’ll put a link to it on here when it’s out. I think you’ll like it. I do–but then, I like what I write. But seriously, it is a very meaningful story and I’d like to have your feedback after you read it. I’m very proud of it–and thrilled that it is being published.

So, I think I’ll put my blank papers away for tonight and go read one of the new novels that is waiting for me.

I’ll be back in a few Days. Have a good week.








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