A Strong Presence


With the publishing of my novelette, “Envelopes of Hope,” I was ecstatic to see how my thoughts, feelings and hard work had taken form. I have a short story being published next week and will share that information at the time.

The picture I am displaying is of my husband in North Carolina last year at Blowing Rock. As I was looking for a photo to post, this one caught my eye. To me, it is a picture of a strength in my life. No, he does not climb mountains and he does not hike. But standing there and seeing his shadow makes me realize that I have a lot of strengths in my life. And I think that is why I enjoy writing. As a social worker, I know that strengths come in many different forms, such as family support, friends, and other support systems. But we also have an inner strength that can lead us to accomplish whatever we want.

I hope you will follow me on Face Book under Phyllis Babrove, and on Twitter @mirikalbab1

The social media is a challenge for me and I would love to have you as followers and to give me feedback. So, any help you can offer will be appreciated!!

Take care. And check in next week for the information on my short story.







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