Reflections: Looking Back

My first article was published in the New Social Worker magazine in 2016 for the Social Work of the Month project. The editor was kind enough to allow me to do another five articles in a series for the nontraditional student returning to school at an older age. That was followed by an article this year for Social Work Month. Please go to and at the top (search) put in my name, Phyllis Babrove. You will be able to read the articles I have written. The magazine has wonderful articles that are not just for social workers, but for anyone who is interested in social issues that concern all of us.
I have also written articles for Extra Innings, a newsletter published by the University of Wisconsin–Madison. My writing appears in issues number 81, 82, 84 and 85. At the bottom of the page the issues are listed. After clicking on one I have listed, put Babrove in the search spot at the top and my article will appear.
Extra Innings with Marshall Cook @ UW-Madison Continuing Studies
Extra Innings with Marshall Cook @ UW-Madison Continuing StudiesUW-Madison Continuing Studies 21 N. Park Street, 7th floor Madison, WI 53715 map» Phone: (608) 262-1156 Email:
My writing is inspired by my life experiences, as well as by my social work background. It is my hope that both will inspire others that read my work.



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